Our  Areas of Expertise
Strategic Planning for the Corporate Owner
  • A comprehensive approach that encompasses your personal and corporate finances so you can achieve your long-term goals. It is building a bridge between where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

Estate Planning

  • Planning for the future entails proper planning to maximize the value of your estate by reducing taxes and other expenses and preserve the asset base you have built during your working years.  We can help you develop strategies to fit your unique situation.


Wealth Transfer

  • Leaving a legacy to your heirs can be a complex and emotional task. You’ve worked a lifetime to accumulate your assets and passing them smoothly and tax-efficiently to children or grandchildren requires careful planning. Careful planning will help you minimize taxes, reduce the possibility of a forced sale to cover unanticipated estate costs, and, perhaps most importantly, avoid family conflict and challenges to the wishes you express in your will.


Succession and Corporate Continuation Planning

  • Savvy business owners need an exit strategy. Retirement or an unforeseen event can cause you to leave your business. We can help you determine the best way to transition out of your business while maximizing your own financial security.


Charitable Giving

  • Meaningful and effective philanthropy begins with understanding why you give, identifying the causes that matter to you most and determining the kind of legacy you want to leave for the next generation. We can help you accomplish your vision in the most tax-efficient way, leaving more for your charity.


Improved Creditor and Asset Protection

  • Prudent business owners recognize the need to mitigate risk to protect their business and personal assets from claims brought on by other parties. Your assets have taken a lifetime to build and safeguarding them requires prudent planning. We have developed strategies that will enhance creditor protection for business owners.

Life Insurance Specialists

  • Advanced life insurance strategies can help individuals and corporate owners plan and save for their retirement, provide supplemental retirement income and transfer in future, of corporate assets to heirs in a tax-efficient manner. Advanced insurance strategies will protect your assets from eroding on transfer to your heirs, because liquidity is key to protecting wealth.

  • Life insurance is a tax efficient pre-funding method to meet a known future tax liability at the exact time funds are required.  It is a source of liquid capital that can be used to finance shareholder buy outs, pay estate-related taxes, meet debt obligations and enhance inter-generational wealth transfer.


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